With over 40 years of delivering power solutions for cable broadband networks, EnerSys® continues to bring power reliability for today’s fiber optic broadband networks.

Cable Operators around the globe are deploying more fiber than ever before to meet the goals of 10G and DOCSIS 4.0 or for HFC-adjacent and rural network buildouts. Many new greenfield and rural construction deliver fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP, or more generically FTTX) service using passive optical network (PON) technologies. PON uses remote optical line terminal (R-OLT) equipment for local distribution – and for cable broadband applications the OLTs are often located on an outdoor pole or inside a ground enclosure, sometimes tens of miles from the closest operations center. These PON deployments require reliable power for remote network elements that provide utility power conditioning, with sufficient energy storage for extended outages, as well as remote alarms and power management capabilities.


Remote OLTs for cable broadband are deployed in two different types of configurations:

  • Environmentally hardened strand-mounted node designs
  • Traditional shelf systems which require thermal management cabinets

The type of OLT along with backup runtime requirements will determine the appropriate powering system.


Power Systems for outdoor-hardened remote-OLT

Cable broadband vendors have modeled OLTs after traditional remote fiber nodes, using temperature hardened components contained within water-tight housings that eliminate the need for additional thermal management. These OLTs are designed to power the same as fiber nodes, making the Alpha® XM3.1-HP Broadband UPS with battery backup and fiber port for remote management an ideal powering solution.

XM3.1HP feature and benefits.

The XM3.1-HP™ is the industry-leading HFC power supply, with 3 and 5 Amp models designed specifically for low-power applications like PON OLTs. The new SFP port feature allows fiber optical connectivity directly to the power supply for remote power system management. XM3.1-HP™ leverages remote firmware upgrades for the latest power supply features and enhancements with continued focus on providing maximum value through three primary benefits—improved efficiency, optimized performance and reduced operating costs.

Key features include:

  • Advanced ferro technology for maximum power efficiency under all modes of operation
  • Integrated optical power supply status monitoring for fiber deep architectures
  • Dynamic 5-stage charger technology to maximize AlphaCell® battery life


Combine the Alpha® XM3.1-HP™ power supply with energy storage and site-appropriate enclosure for a complete fiber network power system.


Alpha® LPE enclosure system

An Alpha® LPE enclosure with Alpha® XM3.1-HP™ power supply and a single AlphaCell™ battery can provide over 7 hours of standby power for a remote OLT.

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Alpha® PWE enclosure system

The Alpha® PWE-3 enclosure is the industry standard for aerial cable broadband applications. Configured with a 3A or 5A XM3.1-HP™ power supply and 3 AlphaCell™ batteries wired in parallel, the system can provide over 24 hours of standby power.

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Alpha® FPE enclosure system

The FPE enclosure is designed for ground-mount applications and supports the XM3.1-HP™ and up to 4 AlphaCell™ batteries, with the ability to deliver over 24 hours of runtime for an OLT.

The FPE enclosure provides weather-protected mounting for an OLT node, and an optional integrated fiber patch panel eliminates the need for a separate enclosure, reducing the overall installation footprint.

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EnerSys® is a leading supplier of energy storage, power systems, enclosures and distribution systems for cable broadband critical facilities and remote outdoor networks.

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Alpha® PWE Enclosure pole-mount power cabinet


Alpha® LPE Enclosure low-profile power cabinet


Alpha® FPE Enclosure fibernode power cabinet


Keeping the lights on: Protecting Your Remote Active Fiber Elements Against Unplanned Outages


Keeping the lights on: Protecting Your Remote Active Fiber Elements Against Unplanned Outages

Cable operators are deploying passive optical networks (PON), realizing high-capacity, low latency performance with low maintenance costs. Next-generation PON implementations will likely include high speed coherent optic links from headends to new OSP aggregation nodes, enabling even faster services to extend deeper into the network. Each active optical component in our PON architecture requires reliable, uninterrupted power to keep the network running.

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